A giant animal rushed out of its nest and growled, "Where did the wild snake dare to leave the wild in front of Lou’s house?"

Xiaoqiang was about to speak when he suddenly became blindsided. More than ten ancient animals rushed out of the nest and wrapped it in the center.
"Are you being unreasonable?"
Xiaoqiang whined and was beaten around by a nest of martial arts siege.
Su Ying should take the opportunity to sneak into this group of ancient mythical warriors’ nests and sweep away the wealth they have plundered. Many mythical warriors sensed that they were forbidden in the nests and were broken, and immediately turned over and killed Xiaoqiang, who was chasing after them and shouting.
Two brave men stayed behind to hunt down the broken dog, and he swarmed into the nest. After a while, the nest suddenly fought fiercely, and the whole nest suddenly exploded.
"Let’s go! Go! "
Sue should be flustered, rising and falling from the blasted nest, swallowing dragons and pythons, and rushing away one by one. After a while, more than a dozen heads screamed in anger.
Magic gas foaming at the mouth to chase and go to fully pursue Su Ying and Xiaoqiang for nearly a hundred miles to get rid of them.
"Well done, let’s continue!"
Su Ying was in high spirits, searching around for those monster nests by himself, and it didn’t take long to rob them. Many monster nests were notorious, and almost all the monsters were nervous, so the snake-riding boy killed the door to rob them of their wealth.
"Our foreign business is getting worse and worse."
A python suddenly appeared in the lonely wasteland, carrying a blue-shirted teenager on his back, listening to the teenager saying to himself, "For example, most of the behemoths outside the grave today already know that our name is very defensive and can’t be won easily. Is it necessary to go deep into the grave to search for more wealth?"
This man and a python are naturally Su Ying and Xiaoqiang.
Not long ago, they went to rob a huge beast, only to be assassinated by it.
This beast jumped out to fight Xiaoqiang, but secretly there were many other beasts lurking in the nest. Su Ying was immediately besieged by these beasts as soon as he entered.
These behemoths were once looted by Su Ying and avenged by their victims. They formed a magic refining array. If it weren’t for his miraculous powers, Pangu Zan would have been kept by these behemoths to refine him!
If you have two heads, Sue should be able to deal with it naturally. However, even Sue should not be able to carry more than a dozen top-level monsters.
However, Su Yingshen has also accumulated a huge amount of wealth, which will scare people to death. He is too clear, and there are already more than 60 veins. Almost a holy place can rival all kinds of gods and materials, and there are countless fairy veins piled up in chaos clock.
And Su Ying’s ten levels of hell gradually began to condense into essence, and all kinds of enlightenment poured into my heart, and ten kinds of imperial seals could be realized at any time.
Comprehending the ten layers of hell avenue and forming the emperor-level printing method is absolutely not inferior to the thirty-three-day printing, and it is an extremely high-level avatar!
Only with such a peerless Uber can we understand the avenue of heaven and earth in hell, so as to realize that this printing method can be changed to be a strong man in heaven. Even if the gods and gods practice different methods, they will never get the avenue of heaven and earth in hell.
However, whether it is ten levels of hell or thirty-three days is not complete, and it will take him a long time to accumulate to perfect these ancient heavens and places.
"Boss, look, there is a gate ahead!"
Xiaoqiang suddenly woke Su Ying up and looked up to see a tattered door standing in the distance in the misty color.
This door is extremely high and huge, and it stands tall and upright, making people look as if the front door and the back door are two completely different times!
"Hell’s Gate …"
Sue should gather her eyesight and look at the gate and see four bloody ancient words floating out of the gate.
When the gate is twisted, hundreds of millions of miles of land come to the door, all narrowing down a road leading to the unknown.
This broken gate shocked him almost as much as the first time he saw the worse gate!
Behind the gate of Nantianmen are the heavens.
And behind this hell gate is ten hell!
"It turns out that I haven’t completely entered the hell for such a long time. It’s circling in front of the hell …………………………………………"
Su Ying shocked him in his heart. Xiaoqiang has wandered around these days, and I don’t know how many billions of miles are still wandering in front of this gate. If he hadn’t walked near the roots, he wouldn’t have known this wonderful place.
He immediately urged Xiaoqiang to walk to the gate and felt that he was distorted by a strange force and Dan was compressed into smaller ones.
Su Ying offered a sacrifice to Pangu Zan, a magic weapon to protect himself and Xiaoqiang. After a long time, he finally came to the door of this upright world.
He is not alone in front of this ghost door, and there is a strong breath of turmoil. Su Ying was shocked to see that there were more than ten people sitting cross-legged here. They were all haggard and unkempt, but they were unusually tough and impressive!
These deities don’t know how long they’ve been sitting here. Yu Mei must be a few meters long and flutter slightly.
They stared straight ahead as if there was something wonderful and poor there that attracted them.
Sue should follow their eyes and look at a figure in front of the hell. Looking up at this isolated heaven and man seems to mourn a lost world.
"Hao Tian Da Di!"
Sue should be a huge earthquake in the heart low shout a way
Chapter 127 The deity turns into a way
The figure in front of hell is very ethereal, and there is a strange rhyme all over it, which makes people look away at a glance and be attracted by the rhyme that he exudes all over.
His rhymes filled the door like butterflies.
In Daoyun, all kinds of sounds are whispering, laughing, crying and chanting, which is like saying the mysterious and mysterious way in the language of heaven and earth!
This is the photo taken by Emperor Hao Tianzun when he traveled here. This ancient Emperor Xiu Shi is too tough. He came here to remember the past momentum and unconsciously exude his body shape that is forever branded in this time.