Cleander, the German envoy, replied, "Mr. John Newell Jordan, you also know that the Republic of China will not sit idly by and let us send troops. Once the Chinese tiger of the Republic of China moves, it will cause great trouble. His hand is now stronger than Ma Zhuang!"

John Newell Jordan sneer at a said "zhang yi? He is not so bold, and no country in the world dares to compete with us. Don’t say that he is a small Chinese Republic, and even our British empire dare not take advantage of natural enemies! Just because of him, he can’t afford to turn over such a big storm. Let’s see that we suddenly tore up the warship trade contract six months ago. Does he dare to fart and not compromise with us? "
Cleander heart a sneer at didn’t answer John Newell Jordan darling compromise? You guys are so stupid! Didn’t you see that many benefits of the Republic of China were taken away by us and the Americans? Didn’t you see that Zhang Yi took this opportunity to poach a large number of naval engineering talents from your British empire? After all, you are a group of idiots!
Korner went on to say, "Mr. John Newell Jordan protested and asked the Qing government to give a definite answer. On the one hand, what we have to do is to send troops immediately! Now our legation is facing a strong threat from the Boxer Rebellion, and we must have enough troops to protect us! I suggest mobilizing your country, ahava, to recruit mercenaries and rush to Beijing. At the same time, all countries coordinate and organize an army to safeguard our interests. If the Boxers dare to mess up again, we must resolutely give them a beating and hurt them! "
John Newell Jordan sneered, "Well, now there are more than a dozen warships in our countries off the coast of Tianjinwei. Please ask your envoys to unite the warships of various countries and ask them to immediately organize troops to land from Tianjin and rush to Beijing. We must let the Great Qing Dynasty know that our powers are inviolable!"
Korner went on to say, "Only those dozen warships are still too few, only a few hundred people, and because there is no war against them, we may not have enough weapons and ammunition. We must organize an army of at least several thousand people. I suggest that a joint force of various countries should be formed immediately and that a truly good general should be appointed as the commander to command our war!"
Zhu Erdian nodded and said, "Although our troops are not sufficient, the commander is ready-made. Now, General Seymour, commander of the East Asian Fleet of the British Empire, is staying in Hong Kong. I immediately sent him a letter asking him to lead us in this operation!"
Mu Dan replied, "Ladies and gentlemen, our Russian empire still has 100,000 troops stationed in the Far East at any time to support other countries. We want the Russian army to take the Pacific fleet warships for ten days to occupy Tianjin, and then the whole Qing government will not be kneaded by us."
John Newell Jordan glanced at Mu Dan coldly and said, "Mr. Mu Dan, don’t forget that the bottom line of our British empire is to maintain the status quo of the Qing Dynasty. I hope that your Russian empire will not break through our bottom line. No country in China can take it for itself. Neither can our British empire, nor can your Russian empire. China is still an independent country!"
Now there is Russia bordering China. If the Russian army really invades the country, will the interests of the great powers China be guaranteed? Not only the British are not at ease, but even the Americans, the French and the Germans are not at ease. This polar bear is the most greedy, but don’t even think about taking out anything in their mouths! Countries will never agree to Russia sending troops alone.
Mu Dan looked at the angry criminals and smiled reluctantly. "I didn’t say that the Russian empire wanted to take China. Hehe, the main reason is that the number of Boxers in Zhili and Shandong has exceeded 200,000. How can we destroy the Boxers if there are only a few thousand people? If you are not at ease, you can ask the Japanese-Russian empire to send troops together! "
Nishi Tokujirō, the Japanese envoy, has just arrived in China. Not long ago, Jiro Ishii was just recalled last month, and he took over the post of envoy. Among this group of people, he has the least seniority and the lightest words. At this time, he suddenly heard Mu Dan say that it is a great opportunity to send troops with Russia and Japan.
Nishi Tokujirō hurriedly said, "You feel that what Mr. Mu Dan said is very reasonable. After all, we are faced with hundreds of thousands of boxers. Many of them have obtained weapons from the Qing government. If we only have thousands or even hundreds of people, it is impossible to destroy them. I also suggest that our Japanese empire, Russia, jointly send troops, and everyone’s interests will be at stake?" The ministers of all countries are so greedy that the two countries are neighbors of the Great Qing Dynasty. What bad luck! A pair of bastards are in cahoots! The greedy day in Russia is even more greedy. It is even more dangerous for them to jointly send troops. Maybe they will take the opportunity to carve up northern China! John Newell Jordan sank, "Let’s take a look at our Tianyi talks first. If it works, then we don’t have to fight. If we are really stubborn, it’s no wonder we are!"
Chapter six hundred and eleven Domineering end county king
The next day, the British Imperial legation was still full of people, and the embassies of various countries arrived at the legation.
Wang Yi, the Prime Minister and Minister of the General Office of the State Affairs Office, came late.
Wait until after arriving at the house with four steps, I laughed and bowed in a circle. "I hope you will forgive me for your late offensive, hahaha …"
The envoys of many countries looked at the Qing prince coldly. He was the one who encouraged the court to legalize the Boxer Rebellion and encouraged the Boxer Rebellion at the same time. But at this point, everyone didn’t want to rock the boat and wanted to disband the Boxer quickly, so as to safeguard the interests of all countries. They didn’t mind that the Qing government had one more sovereign and one less sovereign.
John Newell Jordan sneered, "The King of Duanjun is really awesome recently. This time, our envoys from all countries met with him. Does the King of Duanjun know what is going on?"
Without a smile, "You are all very busy people. Is there anything that can provoke you to come forward with me? This end county king rack is really big enough?"
Korner thundered, "Don’t play dumb. Now hundreds of thousands of Boxers have gathered in Zhili and Shandong provinces to attack churches all over the country. Nearly a hundred churches have been burned by this mob, and a church’s property has also been plundered. Unfortunately, priests from all over the world have been killed by them. If you don’t give us a satisfactory explanation today, I’m afraid that your county Lord will be unstable!"
Without a skin to smile don’t smile at korner vagina "Mr. korner, I this county report is safe, nor are you a foreign minister can decide? I’m sorry about the Boxer Rebellion, but I’m adhering to my intention. Now, the Catholics all over China and then you foreigners oppress the local people, which has aroused the Boxer Rebellion against the church burning. This is their own fault. Who wants them to behave themselves? How can most people in China burn the church and even kill priests? "
John Newell Jordan said coldly, "Duanjun Wang, this matter is of great importance. We ministers have all received a reprimand from the national newspaper government for our ineffective protection of overseas Chinese. If China people hurt their own people and plunder our national property, we will face great pressure. Duanjun Wang, I suggest you be sober. Now all countries are jointly putting pressure on you to dissolve the Boxer Rebellion. Don’t make mistakes!"
Without a facial expression, he replied, "Mr. John Newell Jordan is afraid that you will say that I can’t promise the Boxer, but our righteous people are full of blood and righteousness to support the national crisis. If we dissolve the Boxer in Qing Dynasty but suppress it, are we still their parents?" In a word, please restrain the priests from all over the world and let them behave themselves. Our Boxers will certainly not harass churches again. "
John Newell Jordan nu way "unbridled! We have given you face, but you are pushing your luck. Our priest is not far away. Wan Li came to China to preach enlightenment to you people who have not been given it. It is a great gift for you to bite the hand that feeds you. Do you want to burn everything? "
Without a worry, he said, "Mr. John Newell Jordan, you have your western beliefs, we have our Chinese orthodoxy, and it’s irrelevant. You can save the world only if you think that you have an emperor. We think that the Buddha can turn people over to Elysium. You think that you have constitutionalism, but we think that our Confucian orthodoxy is more profound than yours. Will you be aggressive? If foreign religions can be compared with Confucianism and Taoism, will we abandon the end and want China to preach the roots? "
Mu Dan replied, "Mr. Yi, we in the West advocate freedom. Whether people believe in Jesus or in God and Buddha, that is their own business. We will not impose interference. They have freedom of unbelief as well as new freedom. This is the freedom granted to them by the emperor. You blindly suppress China, a western priest. There is no one to speak of. Your Qing government will be unanimously condemned by the international community!"
Yi replied indifferently, "Mr. Mu Dan, you are right. You believe in your Orthodox Church. We believe that Confucianism and Buddhism have nothing to do with it. But don’t reach out to our Great Qing Dynasty. We will still interfere in your countries once we are simple. Is this what you call freedom? Don’t be so free?"
John Newell Jordan finally couldn’t stand it and roared, "Without a word, you are so ignorant of the British Empire’s envoy. I really tell you that if you don’t announce the illegal dissolution of the Boxer Rebellion, we will jointly send troops to the Great Qing Dynasty! At that time, I can’t guarantee that the drama of burning the garden will be repeated again! "
Burning the Garden is the pain of the Manchu nobles’ heart. Now John Newell Jordan has unceremoniously lifted a bottom. The face of the Manchu royal family has changed. Isn’t this openly hitting your face? Let’s flag the yes is nothing more than a face!
Without a cold way, "John Newell Jordan did tell you that you want me to dissolve the Boxer Rebellion without getting old and don’t want to self-destruct the Great Wall! Didn’t you just kill a few priests? Your countries have killed countless people in China every year. How can you give us a satisfactory explanation for Qing! "
Nishi Tokujirō, the Japanese envoy, jumped out eagerly and roared, "In that case, we will wage war. Only by fighting can you Manchu fools gain some memory. Our Japanese imperial warriors have already prepared for the war, and you are waiting to accept the anger of our countries!" Mu Dan also began to shout, "It is to wage war. Since your Qing government doesn’t agree, don’t blame us for being impolite and always driving your queen mother and emperor out of Beijing again!" Without a red face and roared, "Dreaming Mu Dan, you insult Russia so much that you sneak attack and get some cheap. Now our court has hundreds of thousands of new troops of the Boxer Rebellion. You can try and see if you can take advantage! You’re not easy to get old, and you’re not vegetarian. You’ve lost your head and got a big scar. Our flag men are not cowards yet! Even if you don’t wage war, you will always lead the Boxer Rebels to drive you robbers out of China. Only we are the masters of this land! "
Chapter six hundred and twelve Reaction between the two sides
The first meeting of envoys of the Qing government came to an end in the roar of the crowd, bent on driving away the western powers and then pushing the son to ascend to the throne without budging, which made the solar terms of all countries tear his hair out.
Finally, John Newell Jordan roared, "If this matter is not over, we will definitely send troops together. If I want to see your queen mother, you will be in trouble!"
Yi sneered and said, "No need. I mean, the queen mother has already told you. I’m negotiating with you!"
Korner roared, "Mr. John Newell Jordan, don’t talk to this pig. We’ll find Li Hongzhang. Talking to these savages will kill us. We’ll immediately dispatch troops to attack Beijing. If we take Beijing, their emperor will cry and beg us!"
Everyone broke up in discord.
Without a word, Shi Shiran rushed back to the palace to call me.
When I met Cixi, Cixi asked, "How did the talks go today? Did any countries react?"
Without a word, he replied, "To report back to Galeries Lafayette, the envoys of these great powers, let’s get used to arrogance. There is no reason to say that these people’s words are too ugly. Slaves are really angry with them. They just got a little angry when they scolded each other."
Cixi frowned, and now she was a little nervous. After all, the Boxer Rebellion did go too far and dared to besiege the legation of Dongjiaominxiang. How can it be done if it is smashed?
Cixi asked, "What the hell happened to Yi? How did the British legation talk to them?"
Without a word, I sketched out the process of the talks. Of course, it was all rendered without a word. As a result, Cixi heard it and frowned repeatedly.
Finally, without a word, she replied, "Lafayette, these robbers are so arrogant that they directly threaten us with the burning of the Garden. This is a disgrace to our Qing Dynasty. The emperor died unsatisfied. We must wash away this shame. Now there are not half a million people in our army and the Boxer Rebellion. Even if they fight with the powers, they will not be so powerful. They will threaten us with force and ask us to straighten our backs. They can’t stand us!"
Cixi asked, "Really? Don’t talk nonsense if it’s so important to the rise and fall of our Manchu national luck? "
Without a word, he hurriedly said, "Galeries Lafayette has absolutely no mistakes. Even if the western powers have strong forces, they are far away from Europe now. We have long since had broadswords and spears in the imperial court. We all have to be afraid of them. Aren’t they warships and cannons? No matter how powerful the warship is, can the sea be rampant but not the land cannon? They have us and what are we afraid of them? "
Empress Dowager Cixi nodded and said, "These foreign ghosts are too bullying. If it weren’t for the sake of the Qing Dynasty, I would have wanted to drive them out of China! In this matter, you should be considerate and restrain the Boxers to gather their minds in the imperial court and give them some benefits when necessary. It is also a blessing for the Qing Dynasty that they can help us stop the powers! "
Yi hurriedly knelt down and replied, "The slave must do his best not to let these foreign ghosts take advantage!" "
Today, envoys from all over the world are still seriously discussing ways to deal with the Boxer Rebellion. Now that the diplomacy of the Great Qing Dynasty has been handed over to this bastard, Wang Gen, it is unreasonable. It was good when Li Hongzhang used to be good. Although Li Hongzhang’s means were old, it was reasonable after all. Even if Li Hongzhang retired, there was a Yuan Shikai. Now it is good that together with Yuan Shikai, he was placed in Guangdong and Guangxi, and no one in Beijing was proficient in foreign courtiers.
Mu Dan said impatiently, "It’s no longer possible for Mr. John Newell Jordan to reason with them now. The most important thing is to beat our soldiers and beat these bastards thoroughly. We even surrounded Beijing at that time when they posted their posts. Which of them princes and ministers was not slaughtered by us honestly? How long did it take before they got over the scar and forgot the pain? They must be taught a blood lesson before they will be honest!"
Nishi Tokujirō also encouraged, "We are right for Mudange. We just want to teach the Great Qing Dynasty a bloody lesson and let them know what pain is! Mr. John Newell Jordan, don’t hesitate any longer. We must organize Coalition forces to safeguard the interests of our countries and China! "
John Newell Jordan, look at korner’s current ambassadors, Kidu, and they are both following the lead. Although Germany and the United States are becoming stronger and stronger, the old imperial brand is still the most dazzling among their envoys.
Korner nodded and said, "Mr. John Newell Jordan, I think it’s time for us to join forces. Our property is sacred and inviolable! A country’s envoy, we have the right to protect the property and life of our citizens! "
Zhu Erdian nodded and said, "Well, let’s reprimand the Qing government for not being disrespectful and call the * * teams to form a Coalition to Beijing to protect our safety! General Seymour, I have contacted him. He has already set off from Hong Kong, and there are hundreds of soldiers. He will arrive in Tianjin in a few days. We will let these local turtles remember for a long time! "
Korner said, "Ladies and gentlemen, you have also begun to contact your respective armies. There are some soldiers in the concessions of various countries. We have drawn some elite troops to form a Coalition to fight against the Boxer Rebellion. We want our cannons to sound, and these Boxer Rebellions are vulnerable. If we want to sweep away the Boxer Rebellion, there is nothing to fear!"
Nishi Tokujirō quickly said, "korner Gegen doesn’t care about the ministers of various countries. Our Japanese Empire is close to China and can transfer a large number of troops into China at any time. Our imperial warrior China army is vulnerable!" Mu Dan also said, "We also have nearly 100,000 troops in Vladivostok, and we can break through Beijing at any time, so that the Emperor of Qing Dynasty and the Empress Dowager can become our prisoners. They won’t even say a word if we want!" John Newell Jordan looked at the two men and said faintly, "Mr. Nishi Tokujirō, Mr. Mu Dan, it is not the time for us to launch a large-scale war. If necessary, I will ask the two countries to send troops. Now, your two armies are better off. The Chinese tiger army is definitely not a hollow reputation. If you don’t mind becoming a stepping stone to China’s tiger’s arrogance again, be honest!"
Chapter six hundred and thirteen Zhang Yi decided
When it was a mess, the outside world began to appear restless. Although it has been a while since the founding of the People’s Republic of China, it is even worse that the Qing Dynasty and the Republic of China did not even have a definite boundary. It is tacit that the mountains and seas do not invade each other
With the further development of the policy of attracting people in the Republic of China, many boxers have also entered Fengtian, and not a few boxers in Zhili Shandong are in full swing, which makes these people start to sit still. After all, they are all inextricably linked.
After just entering Fengtian and being bewitched by some boxers, the Boxers here began to sit still. After all, they can not only vent their anger on the church, but also rob the church property. It’s so cheap that they don’t occupy the white!
It’s a terrible thing that people’s wisdom is not open. Even though Zhang Yi has been carrying out voluntary education for several years, many people can’t read in Fengtian. These people’s eyes are blinded by interests and hatred, and their eyes are blinded by reason. The leaders of the brothers and sisters of the people have started a large-scale gathering and organized attack on church officials everywhere!
Behind the desk where Zhang Yi sat in the presidential palace, there was a report handed by Li Fangzheng, the chief of Tribulus terrestris, that the Boxer began to make trouble in Fengtian and attacked the church to rob property.
Zhang Yi frowned tightly. It seems that the Boxer Rebellion has gone out of control, and it has been affected along with Mukden. Now half of the residents in Mukden have migrated from Zhili and Shandong provinces in recent years, and many of them are boxers of the Boxer Rebellion. In addition, in recent times, people of the Boxer Rebellion have been fleeing to Mukden, encouraging the boxers to make trouble.
It’s very troublesome to go like this, but it’s very difficult to deal with it properly. Most of the boxers here are untrue people. Maybe some foreigners and some priests dare to oppress the people of China, but there is absolutely no country priest in Fengtian who dares to be so reckless. Has anyone infringed on you? Why do you smash people’s churches and rob people’s property? It’s really bad to explain everything to all countries once these boxers toss too much and cause trouble.
Zhang Yi said slowly, "Founder Li ordered Mo Qi to transfer three battalions to Fengtian where Christians gather to protect foreign religions from impact. He ordered the armed police department to take action to safeguard public order in Fengtian and absolutely not allow any chaos. The Boxers who dared to make trouble must be severely attacked by drastic measures, especially those boxers who were arrested and thrown into prison for a while before they were killed and killed. hell to pay shot them on the spot!"
Founder Li was taken aback and said, "General, these Boxers and Boxers are all our common people. But you have always maintained our father and common people …"
Zhang Yi sighed and slowly replied, "Founder, haven’t you seen it clearly? There are indeed many foreign priests who are evil and do not oppress good places. It is only natural that they will be punished. Where there is oppression, there will be resistance. But is that the case in the Republic of China? Look at those priests? It’s a good thing to help us build schools and hospitals. Even if they build schools, it’s just to spread their faith in China and the Republic of China. Nowadays, there are so many old people with profound knowledge that they can’t shake our orthodoxy. They will go if they want, but we must ensure that these foreigners’ lives and property are safe in the government. Once foreigners’ lives and property are damaged, we will be under international diplomatic pressure. "
Founder Li nodded thoughtfully.
Zhang Yi went on to say, "Turn it over and see what the Boxer asks God to worship the Virgin, and what the gods are possessed with invulnerability. It’s sheer nonsense. Which of those warriors in the Boxer can make my opponents, even I, have to dodge their lives when they see the bullets? They are just trying to fool the people with these arguments and make them toss and turn away from production and business to make trouble and sabotage. Then how can we develop the Republic of China? We must resolutely crack down on such black sheep. Now that the stability of the Republic of China is overwhelming, we may still have a big battle to fight. We must achieve unity and stability before we can repel the strong enemy! "
Li Fangzheng nodded and said, "General, I’ll go to the General Staff immediately and report to Chief Xu to let him reach the order."
Zhang Yi nodded and said, "Well, Founder can’t do anything now. You must bring me the thistle. Now the burden of intelligence work will be over your shoulder, especially when all the trends are important. Now it’s a key moment. We must not be careless!"
Founder Li’s bitter smile is the greatest pain in his heart. Two people entered Cang Lang together and then came out from Cang Lang together to form the leader of tribulus terrestris. There is no doubt that one is right and one is right. Two people bring out the best in each other. It’s good to be like a person. It’s better to disappear after being dismissed by the general. There is no news. This huge burden of tribulus is on his shoulder.