The Jiang family lives in a vast area, and the mountains are hanging on the island of God. The place they go is beautiful and quiet. Here, the flowers and trees are in pieces, and the water is flowing from the edge of the island of God, and the colors are foggy.

The two sides sat down to have a friendly conversation.
On the other side, Da Yue Jiang Yichen was livid and was helped by his knight. He whispered a few words but became more angry.
"What visitors from Zhongzhou just heard about some ups and downs and came to swindle guys? Bring me the family information about Zhongzhou in recent days. I want to see where these three guys come from!"
He left, and after such an ugly appearance today, he will never leave it at that.
Not long in recent days, Zhongzhou intelligence was sent to Jiang Yichen’s abode of fairies and immortals, but he looked through his eyes one by one and suddenly stopped a message.
"The Dade Taoist priest who came from the Eastern Wilderness dug up the ancestral graves of the elders of Yin and Yang, attacked and killed the congregation, and then appeared in the feathered fairy mountain, which was the size of a fist and was wanted by the whole Zhongzhou."
And the portrait of Taoist Dade is exactly the same as the fat Taoist beside the Zhongzhou visitor.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-two If the tree wants to be quiet, but the wind is not enough, then kill it!
Da Yue Jiang Yichen’s face changed, her teeth gnashed and she stared at the news with a hint of joy. Finally, she couldn’t help laughing.
This is simply a great fairy material that God helped him send the door! The whole world is hard to find, but it was brought here by a swindler, which can be said to be sending sheep into the tiger’s mouth.
If even this chance is spared, Jiang’s family will be laughed at by all major forces, but it’s the size of a fist, and it’s easy for the extreme forces to fight, let alone the difficult times. Now?
"What a great Taoist priest turned out to be a while ago, the holy places swindled and coveted the fat Taoist priest who was killed and fled to Zhongzhou direction. Now, after the limelight, he dared to come back, but he ran to my Jiang Guhang to cheat!
It’s so bold to make up a story about the identity of Zhongzhou’s family friends. Most of them have long since disappeared. But it’s all right. You sent the door to me. How can I refuse? "
Jiang Yichen’s laughing eyes are full of fiery color, but the strong ginger family will surely protect him from the emperor’s immortal master’s pulse!
What’s more, the immortal material has been mastered and beheaded by the Taoist priest. He can still get a reward from all the holy places, which is simply beautiful.
Thinking that he immediately called his own guards to tell himself that the powerful men had deceived Taoist priests.
I took out the jade operator and threw it into the virtual space to pass it to my grandfather, the six ancestors of the Jiang family.
"If you dare to make such a fool of me this time, I will skin you and cramp you!"
Jiang Yichen’s face is getting colder and colder, and his eyes are full of malice. He is determined not to let go of the guy who made a fool of himself in front of everyone in the ginger family.
At the same time, the ancient island, ancient trees and towering silver waterfalls in the distance, such as the practice of standing side by side with mountains, is a very beautiful place
Six ancestors and nine ancestors of Jiang family are sitting here, and Li Yu wants to know some information.
But the owner doesn’t. The two of them are also completely blind. They are not clear about the secrets of these ancient years. They can vaguely confirm that the token does have some connections, perhaps with Hengyu Emperor.
But these can’t be a letter, and we have to wait until the owner returns to make plans.
Abrupt a bit of time suddenly appeared from the virtual rushed out of the six ancestors.
When his mind moved, this jade symbol fell into the palm of his hand, and it was Jiang Yichen who came to see it.
A shock to the sixth ancestor’s mood can’t stop looking up at Li Yu, especially Duan De’s fiery eyes, as if to swallow him whole.
"Brother Liu, what do you mean?"
Aside nine ancestors frown not white how suddenly it is not too rude.
First, Jiang Yichen, now his grandfather, grandfather, and sixth ancestor. Is this ceremony a pulse?
"Something happened to Xiao Sun. Excuse me for a moment."
However, Liu Zugen ignored him, and now his mind is full of lies to Taoist priests and feathered green gold roots. If he doesn’t leave him, he will turn around and leave very simply.
This …
Ginger home nine ancestors some dumbfounded which one is this? Is it not because of Jiang Yichen’s anger?
"Mom, this old bang won’t have any quirks, right? It’s strange to stare at Dao Ye. I can’t wait to strip me naked. Is Dao Ye so charming after Zhongzhou’s return?"
Duan De a tingle goose bumps up a suit is very abandon six ancestors Jiang Rui eyes.
"Grandpa Jiang Yichen’s grandfather?"
Li Yu couldn’t help but shake his head. It’s true that the ritual comes down in one continuous line. It’s really a disgrace to Hengyu Emperor that Sun is so vicious and domineering.
"He just wanted to kill, but it was aimed at Dade."
He has been closing his eyes all the time, and he clearly felt the emotional changes of Jiang Rui, the sixth ancestor, especially when he met Duan Deshi.