"ah? No, I didn’t … "Extraordinarily, I wanted to protest against Liren, but I grabbed him and sent him away quickly.

"I’m so tired, I’m going to have a rest." Fighting Tianwan had a big stretch. Before he left, he patted the Dalai cat on the shoulder and cheered. "Listen to the ronin saying that you bet on fighting. Come on! 」
"well! I will. "
"You should hurry up and step up your training in less than 20 days before our appointment." The ronin kindly woke her up. "Don’t lose because they heard that the training is very good! 」
"You too, even if you are my brother’s friend, I won’t let the water go! "Dalai cat confident nodded yes.
After seeing off the fighting day pill and the ronin, there was a sudden silence around him. The Dalai cat waited for the wolf king to be released from afar, but it was quiet from afar
"Well …" After waiting for a while, the Dalai cat finally woke him up. "You can let the wolf king out."
"Er … are you ready? "Asked the distant day confused.
He didn’t let the Wolf King appear immediately because he was waiting for the Tatar cat to finish. I didn’t expect that she didn’t seem to move beforehand.
"What to prepare? "The Dalai Lama smiled at him." My skills have been blocked. Now I can fight the Wolf King with this weapon! 」
"Yes," Yao Ri gave her a smile in return, and immediately set about typing instructions on the keyboard.
A silvery white light appeared on the grassland, and the wolf king reappeared. He stood up in front of the Dalai cat and growled with his hair twisted.
After just a delay, the grassland has risen, and a full moon shines on the Wolf King’s hair, which is more dazzling and bright, and his red eyes are more obvious.
"Go back first." I’m worried about the safety of the distant sun. The Dalai cat drew his sword to defend himself and woke him up.
"Well," Yao Ri followed her words and retreated a few steps.
The Dalai cat Wolf King stared at each other and growled at each other. After a while, the Wolf King looked around her like he was studying. The Dalai cat also slowly moved himself along the trend of the Wolf King to keep himself in front of the Wolf King.
Staring at the menacing Wolf King, the Dalai cat clenched his hand and held his sword and shield, waiting for an opportunity to give the Wolf King a fatal blow.
When the Wolf King approached her, he suddenly jumped up and jumped higher than the head of the Dalai cat. She hurriedly flashed low, but she was scratched by the Wolf King’s claws and left three blood marks on her shoulder.
"Yeah …" Tatar cat frowned briefly and still stared at the Wolf king without paying attention to the shoulder injury.
When the Wolf King landed, he quickly turned around and rushed towards her. The Dalai cat slashed the tip of the sword and scratched the Wolf King’s right front hoof, but it didn’t stop its offensive. It opened its mouth and bit at her swordsman.
"touch! "The Dalai Lama waved a round shield and took advantage of the gap to make up a sword for the wolf king’s abdomen.
The wounded wolf king retreated a few steps, and the deep red blood flowed from his abdominal wound, and his walking pace also seemed to be faltering.
"Pao ao! "Wolf king roar loud in the sky and sent a blood-red flash a silvery white beam since the full moon.
Moonlight shines on the wolf king’s figure and skeleton, and finally the wolf king becomes twice as big, almost the same height as the Dalai cat.
"Wow! How did it get so big? "Tatar cat surprised shouts.
Although I don’t know what effect the change of Wolf King will have, she also knows that things are getting more and more difficult.
"The Wolf King will become an evolutionary" Full Moon Wolf King "when the moon is full." Watching from afar, she explained that "The full moon Wolf King will have magical attacks that are more difficult to deal with than other times, but it will be better for the full moon Wolf King to lose his treasures."
"If you want treasures, you have to win." The Dalai cat gave a wry smile and assessed the strength gap between the two sides. She shouted to Yaori, "Do you want to do me a favor and fight together? 」
"Me? "Yao Ri hesitated to talk, and at the same time, he moved the wolf king and the white wolves, and the Dalai cat was suddenly attacked.
"You just need magic to help me, or should I do the main attack myself?" Tatar Cat said what she thought.
"Good" remote day immediately keyboard input some instructions to let yourself have some basic magic skills.
After everything was ready, the white wolves around the full moon attacked the Dalai cat, and the wolf king was in his place.
Already familiar with the attack mode of white wolves, the Dalai cat faced a hug, but the white wolf didn’t look scared at all. While making the round shield resist the attack, she waved a long sword and cut them in half quickly and neatly.
"This sword is really sharp! "Dalai Lama shouted in the middle of the back after solving the first batch of white wolves.
When she used the watermelon knife, she always had to cut it two or three times to solve the problem that the white wolf was as relaxed and incompetent as cutting tofu with a sword in his hand.
"Be careful! "Found that she was distracted from the distance and quickly shouted to her.
As soon as the Dalai cat turned around, she found that the wolf king was rushing towards her, and the wolf king’s head hit her abdomen heavily. The Dalai cat was hit by this strong force.
"Pain …" Abdominal pain made her get up quickly and the wolf king was approaching step by step.
Just as the wolf king opened his mouth and pounced on the Dalai cat, a ball of light suddenly appeared from the side and hit the wolf king directly, flying him several meters away.
The Dalai cat took advantage of the gap to get up and look back at the Qigong bomb.