The feet kept clicking and crunching, and all the thick bones were turned to dust on the spot when he stepped on them.

His mind swept out to explore every inch of the area here and said, "So many strong people have fallen here, and they have been exiled from ancient times. Have you seen them?" These broken bones, these bodies are the lowest level of the king of God, and the strong have surpassed the gods. "
Xiao Yu suddenly asked, "What is the demon king’s previous confrontation with you? I remember when he did it, the whole universe seemed to suddenly stand still. I could see the mystery of his hands, and then I saw the heavens and the earth shatter, and then everything was involved in the whirlpool. What kind of mystery is that? Even you can resist it? "
The demon king of Sha Luo shook his head and said, "He is the 1910th dragon hunter in the ancient dragon hunting list, and his strength and repair are not weaker than mine. I, too, am a god-like strong man. He has fought for more than 10,000 years, but he never got a result. I didn’t expect that he actually learned to banish the inferno forever this time. But although he used this metaphysics to banish me, he himself will suffer from a self-inflicted collapse after 5,000 years of repair. If his enemies find him, he can easily kill him!"
Xiao Yu suddenly realized
No wonder the Shah of Saro was banished without resistance. The display of the ancient domain turned out to be a taboo Juexue of the Star Crack inferno. The Star Crack inferno is an ancient royal family, a terror and a double rule over the universe and a number of living planets. How can they underestimate the taboo Juexue? qR1
"The ego feels that there is a little airflow ahead. Let’s go and have a look. Maybe it will be a weak place." The Shah of Saro suddenly shines at the moment and rushes to the distance.
Chapter four hundred and ninety-seven The way out
The demon king of Saro put Xiao Yu on his shoulders and his body rumbled seven meters high, like a small giant rushing towards the distance.
He is a deity, and his mind is strong. Even in this virtual world, he can cover Fiona Fang. I don’t know how many miles. He said that there was a little airflow in front of him. When he really ran, Xiao Yucai found that the area was amazing.
The speed of the demon king of Saro is terrible, and he can cross hundreds of thousands of miles with one step, but he also ran for several days to get there.
There is a huge passage in front, hundreds of feet high, and thick grievances and incantations come out from it, which is very shocking.
This passage is not made of materials, but someone bombards a passage from here with great magic, and it’s dark and I don’t know where it leads.
When they came here, Xiao Yuyun turned his eyes to the sky and looked blurred. He frowned at the end and said, "Devil, do you think that airflow overflowed from here?"
The Prince of Sharo nodded, "It’s here, but the resentment is so strong. This channel should have been bombarded by predecessors. I don’t know where he got through, but it is certain that that guy didn’t escape in the end, otherwise it would be impossible to leave such a strong resentment. Let’s go in and see if his original foundation can get through here."
This man’s mana should be stronger than vigorous and powerful, and the first line is one of the giants. His mana can rebuild the virtual penetration here and stabilize the passage for hundreds of thousands of years without collapse.
The demon king of Saro took huge steps to drill into the passage. You Sen ran as far as possible. Xiao Yu roughly estimated that a few thousand miles had passed. He saw a lot of bones. Every once in a while, there was a body sitting there with resentment.
These grievances rolled together and rushed outward along the passage.
Xiao Yu couldn’t help but feel a slight sinking in his heart. These bodies want to come from latecomers. After seeing a passage here, they hold the same attitude as the Shah of Saro, hoping that the predecessors’ foundation will be thoroughly penetrated here. As a result, they are all consumed alive. In the past, this passage has been playing longer and longer, but there is no hope after all.
Xiao Yu suddenly shook his head and whispered, "The road of the demon king is even a dead end. You see, so many strong people have devoted their lives to death without any gains."
Sharo turned a deaf ear and stepped forward.
It wasn’t long before they finally came to the end of the passage and saw a huge bone sitting in front of them. The bone was forty or fifty feet high, with long crimson hair and skinny eyes and round skin flashing with little golden light. I don’t know what race it is or how many years it has been sitting.
In front of him, there were scattered pieces of magic weapons, clocks, towers, ding, seals, axes, cymbals, hooks, forks and bows, all of which were divine and exhausted, and their light was dim.
A monstrous resentment poured out from his body, and it was far stronger than other strong people in this passage. Obviously, after he got through here, he finally died of exhaustion.
"This road is blocked, and I am unwilling to die!"
In front of him, there is a bloody big character brand in the virtual space, which is more ironic in Xiao Yu’s eyes.
"Do you really want to be trapped and die here alive?" the demon king of Saro muttered dejectedly.
He still had a glimmer of hope, and now he sees that even such a strong man is exhausted and dies, but he still leaves a message to warn future generations that the hope in his heart is suddenly dashed.
Xiao Yu carefully felt that the passage of nutrients here was several times slower than that outside. I suddenly knew in my heart that these people must have felt that the passage of nutrients here was slower than that of him. It was a pity that I didn’t see any hope when I came to death.
Desert Luo slouches and strode out of here.
They are still struggling to find a way out.
There is darkness everywhere at the edge of the virtual world, and it is opaque, lonely and cold. If a person is trapped here, this despair and loneliness alone can drive people crazy.
They have no purpose and no direction. They don’t give up waves when they walk day and night.
During the period, they saw the bones, the resentment, and the hard struggle of several senior people trapped here, but it’s a pity that no matter how to get to the end, they are unwilling to die!
Dead end!
Bloody handwriting leaves this imaginary world filled with resentment and unwilling anger.
They are all talented people, trapped here all their lives looking for a way out, only to find that blocking the roots in front of them is a dead end.
You can imagine how sad and ironic this is.
Xiao Yu and his wife also saw a huge palace, which was strangely piled up by human bones. It was huge and hundreds of feet high, and the colorful glow was shining. This cold and dark area was particularly conspicuous.
They walked into the giant palace and found a thin figure sitting quietly in front of them with an ancient astrolabe and several tortoise shells.
There is still an ancient text in front of him, which changes rapidly, but the flashing light is a group of mysterious and unpredictable characters, which are constantly calculated and deduced. Even though this man has been dead for several years, this group of characters has not weakened or disappeared at all.
"Ancient Astrologers"
Xiao Yu lost qR1.
This dead statue turned out to be an ancient astrologer. Did he even fail to leave here? Trapped alive in the past!
Astrologers are mysterious, but they can peek into the secret and calculate that almost nothing can trap them, and they end up here and still die here.
A pair of magic eye of Sharo Demon King instantly stared at the characters that were constantly arranged and combined and changed back and forth in the virtual space. Seeing that they were ancient sacred texts, they changed dramatically to form groups of information corresponding to various ways out. These information are still filled with the astrologer’s mental fluctuations.
"This road can’t get out! “
"This is also a dead end!"
"The method is wrong!"
"This one is not right either!"
"The cat was blinded here!"
"Wrong is wrong!"