The imperial palace guards, Miyagi eunuchs and concubines breathed a sigh of relief and ordered people to clean the courtyard.

People in Chang ‘an came out from the rain, took brooms and buckets, and cleaned streets full of blood.
During the reign of Emperor Taizong, all the civil servants were here except Li Chunfeng’s astrological method.
The military attache has arrived except lord protector Qin Qiong, who is lying in a hospital bed.
After listening to and dealing with the needs of all localities, Li Shimin turned his attention to the ancient glory behind Cheng Yaojin.
Cheng Yaojin ranks in the Mid-Autumn Festival, followed by Bai Guhui.
"Behind Chitose, but apart from the monster of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, there are two lovers." Taizong asked.
"It’s just that I’m unworthy to wait for them in the early morning."
Cheng Yaojin busy said.
"The monster of the Wild Goose Pagoda has been removed, and Wang Xin has made a great contribution to the disease."
Li Shimin nodded and smiled and said
"The exorcism of the Wild Goose Pagoda is attributed to my two younger brothers, and it should be attributed to them."
Cheng Yaojin face a red said.
"Chitose’s words are so bad that his disciples can’t get much work. Let’s tell you what. Let’s seal two generals who love disciples and subdue demons to stay in Miyagi for the emperor’s disposal, and seal Chitose to reward thousands of gold and white silks and satins."
Li Shimin swept three people a stroke dragon must say.
"Thank you for honoring me, both of you. Get on your knees and thank me."
Cheng Yaojin rushed Qiu Shao Bai Guhui and winked.
"Xie Bi"
Autumn less white busy pull GuHui knelt down and said
Chapter 43 Stargazing Observatory
"Three Qing family stand up," Li Shimin said with a smile.
"Xie Bi"
GuHuiQiu little white Cheng Yaojin three Xie Libi got up and was then surrounded by former congratulations for courtiers.
GuHui a push autumn less white front of Cheng Yaojin himself out of the crowd.
Not far away, an old man with a white hair and a childlike face was caressing and watching the crowd. Did Cheng Yaojin notice that he had stood aside for a long time?
"Gu Hui met Yuan Tiangang’s adult"
GuHui power Yuan Tiangang line a ceremony and said
"Ancient generals don’t have to be polite."
Yuan Tiangang this just come back to ha ha a smile gave a said.
"The younger generation wants to ask adults a few questions. I wonder if adults have them."
GuHui glanced around the bass said
"Watch the stars tonight."
Yuan Tiangang eyes swept away GuHui seems to feel something with one hand a stroke white beard smile Mimi said.
"Okay, then it’s a deal."
GuHui smell speech exultation point exultation said
Then the two men started talking about some daily chores. Yuan Tiangang summoned Wei Zhi to give GuHui a double introduction.
Three people a foot down and began to talk for a long time.
Cheng Yaojin can be said to have both fame and fortune. The two apprentices performed well in exorcism, and they all had official positions, and it was no surprise that they were promoted to the next level.
Many officials flatter and are in a good mood, humming and laughing.
After scattered toward the autumn less Bai Guhui left the palace, Cheng Yaojin did not forget to come over and whisper to Qiu less Bai Guhui again.
It’s not that the emperor wants Datang to contribute a lot to protect the emperor Zhou Yunyun
Then sit and carry the big car out of the palace.
Qiu Shaobai and Gu Hui, the palace supervisor, led them to their respective residences. Qiu Shaobai lived in the first two-instrument hall on the left of the Golden Temple, and Gu Hui lived near the Sancai Hall on the right.
The ancient splendor of the Hall of Two Instruments changed in front of the official mirror, but I saw that I was now strong and heroic.
The palace supervisor handed him a palm-sized mahogany card engraved with dragon pattern and told him that with this wooden card, he could block traffic in the imperial city.
After the palace supervisor left, Gu Hui hung the card and sat cross-legged on the gums, closed his eyes and sat up.
At night, there was silence in Chang ‘an, and people had fallen asleep.
The door of the Imperial City Sancai Temple quietly opened, and a figure came out sadly, and disappeared into the night in a flash.
Stargazer Yuan Tiangang stepped on Beidou, his eyes were indecisive and uncertain, looking at a huge star hanging in the sky.
"This star comes from another star field and radiates dazzling white light all over the star field. Will this world be changed by it?"
Watching for a long time, Yuan Tiangang’s hands pinched the tactic and murmured and began to measure it
Half an hour later, my eyes opened and my face showed disappointment.
"This is the old man who can’t figure out its origin."
Yuan Tiangang thoughtfully turned around and was about to start a large array to measure again only to find that a man stood in the distance and looked at him cheerfully.
"What does the ancient general want to know since he came to the observatory on time?"
Yuan Tiangang a stroke white beard cut to the chase asked.
"Okay, I’ll ask."
GuHui took two steps toward Yuan Tiangang gave a gift.
"But ask no harm"
Yuan Tiangang closed his eyes and did a listening.
"The younger generation comes from an extremely distant place and wants to ask Lord Yuan if there is any way to go back?"
Gu Hui gently coughed and asked the question he had always wanted to know the answer to.
"You can come here and say that you have a special mission and you can go back after the mission is completed."
Yuan Tiangang listened to Bi and opened his eyes to pinch the tactic with his hands for a long time before he smiled and said
"Special mission? What is the special mission? Can you tell me clearly? " GuHui immediately one leng then asked
"The secret can’t be revealed. I can’t say that you will be white at a certain time."
Yuan Tiangang smiled mysteriously, then pointed to the starry sky as big as a lantern with a white halo and said, "This star comes from an external star field, and its arrival will definitely change the operation law of this star. It’s just like the old general. Although I don’t know where you came from for the time being, I have calculated that the general’s coming here will definitely change the world."
Listen to what Yuan Tiangang said today (Monday), GuHui know ask again also could not ask exactly come shook his head and said with a sigh.
"The second question for the younger generation is to know what is the reason for the appearance of a hundred ghosts in Jianye City?"
"Young Xia, you can go to Bishuitan to find the Nine-headed Ghost, and maybe you can get some clues."
Yuan Tiangang choke refers to calculate along while finally nodded and opened his eyes and said to GuHui.
Kunlun, the sixth floor of the Big Wild Goose Pagoda, asked about the haunted thing of Jianye City, and it was also agreed that the nine-headed ghost had the same withdrawal as Yuan Tiangang said
Is it true that ghosts and demons never interfere with each other? How did they get involved?
Looking at Gu Hui, Yuan Tiangang said with a smile, "If the ancient general is not satisfied with the old answer, you can go to the reincarnation department to find the earth treasure bodhisattva. He can listen to the truth and tell the truth. I believe that I will give you a satisfactory answer by knowing the future."
"Thank you, Lord Yuan, for your advice. I should pay a visit to the earth treasure bodhisattva another day. It’s getting late. I’ll leave now."
Gu Hui saluted Yuan Tiangang and turned his head and walked along the wooden ladder to the high platform.
After walking ten steps along the wooden ladder, I suddenly heard the sound of a tsunami fluttering in my head and looked up, but I saw a huge wave surge and an old dragon standing there in a dragon robe.